Tax Deductions

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Commonly Missed Tax Deductions

Association/Union Dues
Social Dues

Office/School “Things”
Gifts To Other Teachers/Co-Worker
School/Work Lunch Party Expenses
School/Work Uniforms

Office/Classroom Supplies – not reimbursed by work/school
Art & Crafts Materials
Books & Music
Classroom Decorations
Computer Software/Hardware
Party Supplies
Student Awards/Incentives

Continuing Education
Mileage – to school after work
Parking/Toll Fees
Tuition Fees
Enrollment Fees

Other Commonly Missed Tax Deductions
Credential Renewal Fees
Student Loan Interest
Tax Preparation Fees
Safety Deposit Box Fees
Charitable Contributions
Mileage to Charitable Events
Child Care
Job Search Expenses
Investment Management Fees
Tax Guides
Costs Related to Mandatory Inservice Days
Travel Expenses and Other Costs Related to School Service
Earned Income Credit

*Before taking any of these deductions, make sure you talk to me or another tax professional. Some IRS restrictions apply to the above list.