Tax Reform

Information updated 12-26-2017. Are you ready to read some exciting information about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?  Well, here it is… all the fun tax stuff I know you can’t wait to read […] Read more »


Have You Gotten the Call Yet? The IRS Phone Scam is back, full force and effect.   I’ve already received 3 calls from these people since April 15th. One message sounded like SIRI was calling and threatening me […] Read more »

Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy

For those of you considering installing solar panels on your home in the near future, here is some useful information.  As always, if you have any questions about this tax credit – or any tax […] Read more »

7 Tax Breaks Expiring at the end of 2013

The following 7 tax deductions/credits are currently set to expire at the end of this year.  This means that unless Congress extends these deductions, our 2013 tax returns (which we file early next year), will […] Read more »

Tax Season Delayed Due to Shutdown

I’m beginning to think that tax season is never going to start “on time.” It seems every year, the IRS has a reason why they are not able to accept returns by a pre-set date.  Granted, […] Read more »